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Consumer Guide for Affordable Care Act/Obamacare

For those of you interested in the Affordable Care Act/Obama care, we had Robert Wagner on the show Saturday, November 23, 2013. I know many people distain the Affordable Care Act, and will even had a few people who make calls it were apparent they did not like it, but it is apparently going to be law now, so I thought it appropriate to have an expert on the subject on the year. I tried to make the interview with him as unbiased as possible, given the controversial nature of the act. While I am not sure you can never do that completely, I did the best could. Robert Wagner is the former general counsel to the Illinois Department of Insurance and he was a director of it. He currently works for Hinshaw and Culbertson, where he advises businesses, insurance companies, and medical providers on, among other things, the Affordable Care Act. In short, he really knows his stuff. I had seen a Mr. Wagner speak at a seminar with probably hundred lawyers and hundred doctors. I was impressed with his speech that I asked him to be on the air. Below is the consumer report resources page that he asked me to post on the blog. I hope it helps some of you.

Get Covered Illi nois Website
The primary site is It is multilingual, addresses the ACA, defines the plans (Platinum , Gold, Silver, Bronze), allows residents to apply for
coverage, seek assistance in securing such coverage and allows residents to enter their email address to receive automatic updates on educational seminars and Exchange related points of interest.

Governor’s Website GetCovered IIiinois
Provides assistance in:
• English
• Spanish
• Arabic
• Chinese
• Polish
• Tagalog
• Russian
Toll Free Number (866) 311-1119 for:
• Questions
• How to obtain coverage
• Complaints about plans on the Exchange/Marketpl ace
GetCoveredl allows Illinois Residents to stay informed, receive updates, news, and events by providing their email address.

Department of Insurance
The Insurance Department’s links allows consumers to look up and see whether the person soliciting exchange products is in fact an authorized “Navigator”, provides tips to avoid being fooled by bogus navigators, ask questions related to companies on the Exchange (Best rating, financial status, years in business , etc.) and the type of products/coverage being offered , as well as handle complaints associated with Exchange products.

Information for Agents and Brokers Navigator Information – (877) 527-9431
DOI web address –
• Navigator lookup
• Notices regarding what to watch for when enrolling through Navigators
OCHI – Office of Consumer Health Insurance – (877) 527-9431
• Complaints about plan or coverage
• Questions concerning company , Best rating, financ ial solvency
• Questions concerning differences in plan types , HMO/PPO/POS

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